Workout Monday

Minamalist Exercising

Today I worked out Chest, Biceps and Abs. I did three supersets. This was a great workout for all three muscles. I could really feel it in all three areas.

Yesterday I did an interval workout, so I’m going to post both of them today for a bonus.

Superset #1

Pushups and Hammer Curls – I did 15 reps of each and repeated for a total of three supersets, resting 60 seconds.

Superset #2

Incline Dumbbell Press and Dumbbell Curls – I did 12 reps for four supersets, resting 60 seconds

Superset #3

Flys and Bent Over Curls and Seated Twists – 12 reps for the flys and curls but 40 reps for the twists

Interval Training

  • Started with a five minute warmup
  • 45 second sprint and 15 rest, repeated for a total of six intervals, increase the intensity each time
  • Warm down for five minutes

Thanks for checking out “Workout Monday.” Talk to you next week.

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