Is it too early to think about 2015 personal goals?

Defining Goals for 2015

defining goals for 2015
As 2014 draws to a close, I have started to think about defining personal goals for 2015. I limited 2014 to just three areas of focus; writing, muscles and income, which in hindsight looks selfish. So in 2015 I want to add at least one area involving others.

1. Relationships

A great relationship is like a treasure chest. I want to fill mine with the people I love, admire, that are positive and those I can mentor or mentor me. So every month in 2014 I will seek to spend at least one night out or lunch with some who fits one of those categories.

2. Simplify

I tried to do too much this year and last year. A few months ago I cut some activities out and I already see the benefits. This category applies to so many areas; exercise, diet, emails, blogs/podcasts, clearing my desk, wardrobe, financial methods, goals, routines/habits, and to do lists. My goal each month will be to eliminate one thing from one of these categories and simplify my life.

3. One Big Goal (OBG)

I started this in 2014 and really like it. Every morning I list out my 3-5 biggest worries and concentrate on the one that relates to a big goal and I make sure I get that one thing done that day or do something that will move me closer to eliminating it. If you’re like me you create your list of goals for the year and if they are really important to you, it bothers you a lot if you haven’t worked on them or you are not getting the results you want. You may not even be aware that it is bothering you. By doing the daily review, you can bring it to your attention and work on it so that it is no longer a worry.

4. Help Another

I pulled back from this category in 2014 and I want to focus on this in 2015. I am not sure at this point what direction this will take me. It could be donating time or money to an organization or working one on one with an individual. I will let it stew in my mind over the next few months and see what develops.

5. Health

I have found exercise routines and a diet that work for me. Short, intense, whole-body workouts have the same benefit to me as my old 90 minutes routines. Most of my exercises involve only the body and no equipment. Exercises like pushups, chinups, body squats, planks and burpees have become my staples. My diet involves me eating healthy 90% of the time, fasting 16+ hours one day a week and eating whatever I want the remaining time. I am happy right now being 150 pounds at 11% body fat. I would like to get to 155 at 10% bodyfat in 2015 by keeping at my routine above. My only new addition will be to incorporate more stretching and mobility movements into my workouts.

6. Financial

As I get closer and closer to retirement, I want to earn side incomes doing things I love to do. So numero uno in 2015 is that I make money every month on the side. Once I begin making money on my current projects I need to develop at least one new idea. I’d love to have ten different sources of income coming in when I retire, all from things I love doing. This way I will stay busy, earn income and not have to pull money out of my savings as much. Second on the list is researching a new location for my wife and I to retire to. We have a trip planned for February/March to explore the gulf coast of Florida.

7. Mind

This is one area that I tend to go overboard and tackle too much. This year I added learning Spanish, learning how to draw, and improving my penmanship. I had to cut back on all three due to time restrictions. For 2015, I am going to limit myself to reading great books (at least one per week), attending at least two classes and taking one vacation (possibly an Alaskan cruise which will knock off one more state visited making 47 total).


This is a good start. It will give me the next couple of months to let my brain stew on them. All of them tie into my lifetime goals and I don’t think I’m missing anything and I have added a category, that I was so sorely missing this year, for the people in my life . I would encourage you to avoid the New Years rush, and start thinking about your 2015 goals today.

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