Caring for a Loved One

Photo by: Jonel Hanopol Am I Qualified to Care for Someone A month ago, I sat in the airport terminal with time to pause and think about a question that nagged me the previous day. I was on my way to Texas to care for a family member who was seriously ill. My relative had … Read more

Routine Dental Care

Photo by Michael Karshis Routine Dental Care Welcome to the exciting world of dentistry. I remember about a year ago reading a blog post on developing good habits LINK . The problem most people have is they try to do too much at once and give up before the task becomes a habit. In the … Read more

Blood Test Comparison One Year Later

I had my blood tested a year after my last test LINK. Looking at my blood test comparison between the two years, improvements were made in every category. They were dramatic in cholesterol and triglycerides, despite eating six eggs a day! My weak category was HDL (good cholesterol), which only improved to 37. I need … Read more

Health Exams for Guys over 50

What I had Examined Cholestoral Prostate Heart Colon Eyes Ears Teeth Skin Nerves Aches and Pains I have read that when you reach age 50 you should celebrate with a battery of tests to see if you’re still healthy. So I made out my list of body parts to have checked out over the next … Read more