Workout Monday Aug 4

Good workout this week that left me sore, but in a good way. I know that it worked, especially in the abs. Several supersets. I like these because they are efficient timewise, intense, get the heart rate up and boost metabolism. All were done with 60 seconds of rest in between circuits. SS1 – Pullups/Dips/V-Situps … Read more

Workout Monday

Today I worked out Chest, Biceps and Abs. I did three supersets. This was a great workout for all three muscles. I could really feel it in all three areas. Yesterday I did an interval workout, so I’m going to post both of them today for a bonus. Superset #1 Pushups and Hammer Curls – … Read more

The Minimalist Guide to Exercising

Minamalist Exercising

Do you want to simplify your workouts?

There are a number of people who promote things like “lose fat in only 10 minutes” or “six pack abs in three minutes per day”.

Those usually don’t work, but can you simplify your workouts or reduce the amount of time they take AND get great results? I know you can.

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Interval Training

Photo by: Jeremy Keith Interval Training One of my most favorite workouts is actually one of my toughest. I did interval training workouts when I ran track and cross-country in high school, but I hated them. Your breathing was so hard you felt like you were breathing fire out of your mouth. Every part of … Read more

Quest for a Six Pack

The Quest for a Six Pack – One Diet to Rule Them All I spent July, 2012 to March, 2013 on a low-carb diet. My initial results were great, but I lost the bulk of the weight/inches in the first month. The downside was not much further progress, crankiness and low energy. I decided it … Read more