Blood Test Comparison One Year Later


I had my blood tested a year after my last test LINK.

Looking at my blood test comparison between the two years, improvements were made in every category. They were dramatic in cholesterol and triglycerides, despite eating six eggs a day! My weak category was HDL (good cholesterol), which only improved to 37. I need this to be 60.

Tips to improve this are found on the Mayo Clinic website at LINK. I am good with all the points they mention and I don’t want to take any medications. That leaves me with increasing my fiber (wheat bran and flax seed…added to protein shakes) and omega-3 (fish oil supplements…increase from one per day to two).

I attribute my success to my healthy diet and consistent exercise over the past year. I did not take any medications; only supplements including protein shake, multi-vitamin, vitamin D and fish oil. I will continue as is, but increase my fiber and fish oil to see if I can get my HDL up over 60.

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