Is Over 50 Too Old?

I recently turned 54. When I was young, 54 years old was ancient, nearly a Grandpa. Now that I’m 54, I don’t feel any different than I did at 20; in fact, I feel even more pumped up than I did back then. Every year I set my goals that I want to accomplish. The … Read more

Investing in Education

I recently heard a quote from someone that went “If you put money into your mind no one can ever take it away from you”. That hits home with me. I am a lover of learning. My dream job would be to be a professional student and spend the rest of my life learning new … Read more

If I Could Go Back in Time

I don’t normally time travel. Today I want to. I’ve heard several people talk about what they would tell their 20 year old self if they could go back in time. I’ve never done this exercise because I didn’t see any value in it. What’s done is done, right? I’ve changed my mind. I think … Read more

Simplify Your Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Do you want to know one of the best things you can do to lead a more productive life? Start a morning routine.

You know the old saying, “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. This advice works well for me and countless others. I have talked about my routine on a previous blog post here LINK.

I have steadily increased the number of tasks I tackle each morning, in part due to waking up a little earlier each day. Lately, I have found that I am scrambling to get everything done before I head off to work and I feel like I am rushing so much that I am losing the benefit.

I decided to pare down what I do based on one principle I live by; focus on what is important. This ties in nicely with my OBG, or the One Big Goal of the day. In the case of the OBG, I make sure that I at least complete my most important goal each day and shoot for completing this task as early in the day as possible, keeping in mind to make the task small enough that I will tackle it and complete it.

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How to Read Twice as Fast

SPEED READING Technology changes all the time, but I still have the need to do some things the “old-school” way. Reading is one of them. Yes, there are audio books, but I can not concentrate when I listen to audiobooks, I find myself drifting away with my thoughts or maybe one thing that was said … Read more

Workout Monday Aug 4

Good workout this week that left me sore, but in a good way. I know that it worked, especially in the abs. Several supersets. I like these because they are efficient timewise, intense, get the heart rate up and boost metabolism. All were done with 60 seconds of rest in between circuits. SS1 – Pullups/Dips/V-Situps … Read more